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Convenient Contact Lens Evaluation

Convenient Contact Lens Evaluation

Choosing the healthiest contact lenses for your eyes is as important to us as it is to you. We offer a variety of lenses, including lenses which require special fittings. We’ll discuss your options and help you choose the contact lenses that fit your lifestyle. And, for first-time users, we’ll show you how to insert and remove lenses and handle them with care. Experienced contact lens wearers can simply call us for a refill.

Important things to remember

Properly fitted contact lenses are essential for your eye health. Our doctor ensures that your contact lenses are accurately fitted to your eyes. We offer a comprehensive fit and evaluation with our exams, complete with a pair of trial contact lenses and a follow up exam to check the fit and comfort of the lens.

We offer a variety of contact lens products, including daily soft wear, extended wear, rigid gas-permeable lenses, and extended wear disposable lenses.

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